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Smelly Cat Box and The Baby

I couldn’t have asked for a better segue from the last post!  In a very interesting FASTCOMPANY.COM op-ed entitled: “CAN BASIC INCOME PLUS THE BLOCKCHAIN BUILD A NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM?”  Authors: Martin Kirk and Andy Milenius, I found a much needed emotional lift in regard to this technology.  I highly recommend the read here:

I needed something to reignite that hope and excitement I had encountered upon first grasp of the possibilities for the use of this technology and what it has to offer the world.  I understood that the forks that had taken place were part of the technology, but for someone like me, who no longer believes in the mob rule of democracy, it didn’t appeal to me and quickly dimmed the light. Notice I didn’t say extinguish, just dimmed.  Now I see it as mere birth pangs.  The kind that women get after they have the baby.  Yep, it freaked me out when it happened to me.

The authors spelled out the future, our future hope and I realized how short sighted we humans are.  I know for myself, I am in a constant juggling act.  The main two scenes I try to keep in the air are one, not being overwhelmed by projecting fear and doubt into tomorrow and two, doing that by practicing being present in the now.  It is at times like these and with issues like our economic system (and the way we do things in general) that I see I have dropped one or both of these on the floor!

This piece made me see that I indeed had dropped both on the floor!  Wait! Just drop everything for a second.  Look at how beautiful everything looks all splayed out for us to examine.  The whole picture of the past, the present and the possibilities of the future are laid out before us.  Finding that excitement again?  Yes!

From the lead paragraph, I was hooked on the need for such a technology as it seems to have the ability to level the playing field.  No more will our children be playing the Game of Life or Monopoly!  Just like my children who were born seemingly knowing how to operate a VCR and other technology, the children of the future are in for a vastly more gratifying experience.  This alone bodes well for feeding the need to project something positive into the future.  Everyone can agree that we need to turn this ship around and get on a course that navigates towards long term sustainability of all life on this planet.  Okay!  Pick the future back up off the floor with glee!

The past…  The other thing that resonated with me in this piece was the fact that I am just really sick and tired of fighting.  I don’t know about you but this system is just extremely full of shit with itself.  I have come to know it as the cat box syndrome.  It is so repetitive that anyone at any age can recognize the smell and after a while, not even smell it anymore. That is, until someone new walks into the room and says, “Oh!  You have a cat?”  At the rate I am going, I just say, don’t worry, you won’t smell it after a while.   So, what is the answer to this dilemma?  Clean the box out!  Yes, there will always be more to clean out if you keep the cat but hey!  The cat is healthy and provides companionship and entertainment as well as becomes a beloved part of your family.  In stark contrast lays this system!  Most of us have outlived its usefulness whether we know it or not.  It has come down to the fact that very few ever truly benefit from this system long term.  Get rid of it!  Once, for all!

Like I said, I am tired of fighting with the pre approved manual of useless tools and instructions that ensures we get more of the same.  Here again, you can recognize the smell from their playbook.  The same syntax is usually employed with words like “riots, protests, revolution, politics, political parties, left, right, progressivism, liberalism, conservatism, all the ‘isms’, enemies, voting, laws, patriotism, serving, duty, etc.”  It’s all the same spin over and over with zero positive change for long term sustainability, all because the script has been written to confuse the original intent that inspired most of these isms in the first place.  They have merely become tools for the greedy and corrupt to keep their positions and no amount of using those useless tools will ever change the course we are on.  Even the same buzz words we have been programmed to react to in a certain way like Globalism, Terrorism, and Isolationism, all were designed to make people functioning zombies for the status quo.  Well, that is what I identified with when woke up and saw what I had become.  I realized, “shit! I am a slow learner!  We need to make this system IRRELEVANT!  How can we do that?”  I didn’t see it at first, a different tool quietly being used already.  What a stroke of luck that it is there when I gave up fighting with the old tools, or is it, everything in its timing?  As this piece I speak of so correctly points out, it isn’t a revolution we need after all, nor should we define it as such.  It feels right referring to this movement as a renaissance because this technology has the power to transform what is, getting the trajectory of this ship on course toward actual progress.  Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?  Moving on, pick up the “past” and notice how light it feels?  Awesome!

The present… It is in disarray as we can see but upon our resent view of the big picture, it isn’t in disrepair either.  This technology is really still in its infancy stage.  Just a babe that will be growing at a rapid rate, albeit a rate that many aren’t ready for, just like parents!  We are currently at the stage of adoration and fear,  where we project what this baby will look like, what it will be when it grows up and what it will do.  If anyone reading this is a parent, or if you try hard to put yourself in your parent’s shoes, you know what a turbulent, emotional and exciting number of days, weeks, months and years we have ahead.  One of the messages I am left with from this most inspiring piece, is we are going to have to accept the fact that we have been cajoled into accepting the current narrative and its definition of terms.  We are going to have to take responsibility in the task of changing this script, redefining our intent and in doing so, using their term that coalesces with my metaphor, “midwife,” this baby into maturity.

Funny thing, I have been tired of the fight.  Maybe it was just the tools I was tired of fighting with?  That’s a helpful bit of observation to make while picking up the “present” in this juggling act.








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A Useful Tool For Freedom?

When I had first heard of Bitcoin, was somewhere around 2012 during the anticlimactic Ron Paul Revolution II or III, depending on how you look at it, RNC coup. That event put the nail in the “system” coffin for me. No longer would I be caught dead actually believing in the American Experiment in “Liberty,” ever again. Let’s just make that long winded story very short with a few questions to those I call the “America First Freedom Brigade.” Do you really and truthfully believe that you live in a “free” society where even Military votes were NOT COUNTED? Or, how about in a society that needs a license to do just about anything? Or, where you are taxed even in your grave? Or, perhaps where your health decisions are made by your government? Or, when a thug in official garb can confiscate anything for any reason from any person? There is so much more, especially in terms of debt slavery of the entire nation, but I will end it here. I just ask that wherever you are on your journey, just ask yourself WHY you believe what it is you believe, and if the answer does not have a root into YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, look at those issues again. You may be surprised how much you have been influenced by outside sources like the media, religion, parents, education system etc.

Anyway, I remember looking into it back in those days and not having a frigging clue what it was but still was excited to try it. After making the mistake of asking people who had ZERO clue about it, I put the idea to bed for a time. After a few more quelled bouts of excitement by those who really didn’t see the beauty of Blockchain, and the monetary gains made, I decided to STOP listening to people who didn’t understand it, and do some more investigation.

By this time, more material and videos were out on the subject and once I wrapped my vague understanding around Blockchain technology, I began to see the implication towards freedom it can induce depending upon its application. Immediately I thought to myself, there is no way this technology will survive without Oligarch intervention, and of course, that became apparent.  Today, I kick myself for not investing in those early days but I am sure I am not alone. I would not even mind if I had a great story like Laszlo Hanyecz; but to have that spark of interest and have done nothing with it really brings that saying home… “Go with your gut!”

So, now what? I sat in front of the computer and read and watched videos. The reoccurring theme I kept coming across was to get a hard wallet which led to my purchase of a Trezor. These hard wallets are where you keep your personal keys OFFLINE, away from thieves. There are others out there like “Ledger” but I just happened to buy the Trezor. I have to say that I am happy with it thus far. I have made a few bucks and am happy that at least I have a small amount in the game however, I want to see this succeed for maximum freedom and so, I open the dialogue up to those who know code and who speak the crypto language. How can this technology achieve maximum freedom from the controlling, greedy elite? Or, is this the other side of the coin, their way of finally getting us off physical money where every bit is traceable, hence taxable? You can’t blame me for adhering to my skeptical side. After all, what in this system of illusion isn’t part of the narrative?



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